The Story

10 years ago, pastors Anders and Camilla Olsson came to Connect Church. They came with a calling on their hearts to build a strong, vibrant, worshipping church that could reach the city.

Camilla who had experience with leading worship and building culture, felt the calling to prepare for a new season and build a strong team in Connect Church as well. She received a prophetic word saying that she would be part of creating an atmosphere where new songs are made that will bring hope and salvation to the nation.

God gave strength, and through a lot of work and prayer the church produced its first album in 2007: Du är mitt enda hopp (You are my only hope). Another two albums were released in the following years, and during this time the music began to be heard internationally. More and more people started asking about translations. It became obvious that something needed to be done so that the music could have greater reach outside of Sweden.

This led to our first English album released in 2015: You Lead Us Home.


In one of the world’s most secular countries it is more important than ever to turn up the volume and praise Jesus. This is because we believe that worship can transform not just individuals, but whole nations. Just like in Jericho in the Old Testament, the enemy’s walls will come down when we lift the name of Jesus.

We want to play our part in raising up a new generation of worship leaders and songwriters within the Christian genre. The dream is to see many new songs take shape; songs that help people enter into Jesus’ presence where they can be transformed.


Worship is a part of Connect Church’s DNA, through the musical calling that our pastor Camilla has on her life. Over the years, a lot of talented musicians, singers and songwriters have been trained and molded in our worship team. The team also networks both nationally and internationally with other like-minded people to create new and modern songs of worship.

At the end of 2015, our first English project You Lead Us Home was released. This EP consisted of five original songs written by our worship team, and we were excited to see it become the top album on iTunes in Sweden for a time.